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An alarming plea: See how members of SunChild Eco-clubs raise their voice for endangered cultural and natural assets all over Armenia

21.11.2013 07:46

Training of trainers

The coordinators and trainers of SOS Culture project also need to be trained. During the project they participated in four different workshops, where they obtained new skills to be applied in the future and new interactive...Read more ...

21.11.2013 07:42

Summer camp

The film presents the activities in the SOS Culture Summer Camp 2012. The members of the youth clubs of Varagavan, Berdavan, Alaverdi, Akhtala together with Yerevan Eco club joined for an exciting week full of excursions,...Read more ...

21.11.2013 07:30

Awake guardian

Following an old tradition the Armenian soldiers gathered in the Berdavan Fort during the Karabagh War. In this time also the local civilians sought shelter in the fort. But nowadays it seems that everyone has forgotten how...Read more ...

21.11.2013 06:53

Awaiting the saving cross

There are many legends connected to the old monastery and church of Nor Varagavanq in Tavush region. The locals tell that the ruined church and the small ditch running nearby have magic powers. Though the people living here are...Read more ...

20.11.2013 14:23


The film "Vash-Vish" presents Alaverdi town and its environmental problems. The members of the SOS Culture Youth Club in Alaverdi investigate the main reasons for air and water pollution in their town and the...Read more ...

20.11.2013 14:17

The Old Town

The Akhtala church has faced many difficulties during its long history – one was that it did not have a priest for many centuries. Since three years this has changed but until now it has not been possible to finalize the church...Read more ...

16.04.2011 00:16

Stop polluting the Gavaraget river

“Gl-gl-gl-gl”… that is the sound of Gavaraget river. That sound is sad, it as though tells us “I am ill, very ill”. Years ago the water from the river was suitable for drinking; now it’s not secure even for fish. The river...Read more ...

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