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"I like butterfly because ..."Hey...Play our Khosrov game!Wildlife Show

Join SunChild TV – explore Armenia’s unique Nature!

SunChild TV: presents the only Armenian nature survival show

On SunChild TV you can watch each week how six Armenian teenagers cope when they’re thrust into a mountain wilderness reserve. Equipped with only essential food and supplies each episode sees the teenagers embarking on a sort of a treasure hunt that is also filled with fun activities.

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SunChild TV: introduces exciting films about nature and wildlife

On SunChild TV you can find films about the wonders of Armenia’s nature. Plants, mammals, insects, birds and amphibians – Armenia and the whole South Caucasus are a true haven of biodiversity. Explore with SunChild TV the secret life of rare animals and the overwhelming variety of plants in our region.

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SunChild TV: raises the voice of a young green generation

On SunChild TV young environmentalists raise their voice for nature and the solution of environmental problems. On SunChild TV you can watch the films made by the young members of SunChild Eco-clubs from all Armenian regions. Their films are a wakeup call to everybody to become an environmental friendly citizen. You are very welcome to add your comments!

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SunChild TV and the interactive SunChild TV webpage are produced and maintained by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). SunChild TV is one of FPWC’s numerous initiatives to spread environmental education among the Armenian youth. SunChild TV is the first environmental program for young viewers in the whole South Caucasus region.